Should I Buy New or Used Trucks

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This question baffles many trucking companies; well let us look at some numbers!

A new moderately spec’d truck today i.e. Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner or Volvo with 400 to 450HP Cummins, Detroit, Paccar or Volvo motor and a large sleeper will cost you in the 140,000 to 150,000 dollar range. This price includes a whopping 12 percent FET tax. Yes, you will get the smell of the shiny new truck for your drivers however, that will last for what, the next month or 10k miles? Then you will have a used truck!

In today depreciated used truck market you can buy a 2017 Model Kenworth T680 with miles in the 200k’s that will include 455 HP, 10 speed transmission, raised roof 76 inch sleeper, Climate battery APU system, New Virgin Drive Tires, with a 42 month 350k mile engine and after treatment warranty for the sale price of just 74,950.00 dollars. That is half of the cost of new and the truck will do the same job!

If it is my company, I am going to pocket 75,000 dollars and go to work!


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Bryan Haupt

MHC Truck Source

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