Why Buy Used Fleet Trades

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Why Purchase Used Fleet Trucks

Purchasing a used truck, whether for fleet growth, or for a new venture, can be stressful and time consuming. Having to make many decisions and plans is often daunting. Deciding to purchase a late model used truck and working with the right source alleviate much of those issues. There are many options out there, so we thought we would help by providing some information about the most readily available groups of used trucks you will find: Fleet Trades.

Working from the large pool of large fleets’ trades is a great way to acquire premium equipment, priced right and ready to work brings many benefits to your company. For many reasons, fleet trades make good economic and business sense. Large selections, great maintenance programs and specifications are just a few of the reasons to be working from this great source of used trucks.

Fleets trade large quantities of trucks every year. This allows for large selections of matching trucks that are well maintained and ready to go to work. For the multiple truck buyers, this makes it easier to maintain consistency within your fleets since the large trucking operations tend to trade annually and keep their equipment specifications the same from year-to-year.

Maintenance is a critical component to a trucking company’s success. Large fleets have made huge investments in their maintenance infrastructures, most creating their own fleet service departments in order to better control this vital piece of their operation. Basic economics apply to maintenance, and the fleets understand this: minor repairs are less expensive and time consuming than the large issues that ultimately result from not taking care of the little things and repairs on the road cost more than in their own home shops. Fleet maintained trucks are going to more likely be ready to go to work without any significant issues.

Over the years, fleets, component suppliers, truck and engine manufacturers have worked together to combat rising fuel costs, repair and maintenance expenses, as well as for driver retention. The specifications that have been born of these collaborations have translated into trucks that are the most fuel efficient ever built, with longer life expectancy, and driver comfort features that could only be found in the past on extremely high priced one-off new trucks.

The trade cycles that large fleets have created mean that their trucks are turned in with low miles and lots of life left. Because of this, these trucks have tremendous value when comparing the price versus miles. This is a great alternative to high priced new trucks and provides a faster return on investment. Considering the flexible finance options for late model trucks, with the lower payments and shorter terms, as well as slower depreciation in value, buyers actually get more truck for the dollar. As an added bonus, since the major depreciation has already taken place, a higher percentage of the purchase price may be recovered when trading and updating a used truck purchase.

Finally, many fleet trucks are traded with remaining factory warranties. Because large fleets negotiate warranties with the new truck purchase, some are expiring as the trucks are taken out of service. The good news is that these trucks generally qualify for additional warranties that may be purchased through trusted, national aftermarket warranty providers.

As your fleet grows, or as replacements are needed, similar trucks are always available. Every year, these trucks are traded with the latest technology and continue to gain efficiency and value. MHC Truck Source Fleet Sales has used fleet trucks available at many locations at almost any time. As you create a relationship with your sales team, you can be assured of working with the best people, on the best trucks, with the best prices in the country.

For more information about our great groups of used fleet trucks, please call 888-837-2698, or send us a quick note requesting someone contact you.

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